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Night All ..

This is my first post since moved to my personal site ( the question is why?

Ok, it’s started when i miss to write a blog again, i want to share something to all people around about anything i’ve been through from day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year.. 🙂

So, i decided to merge the website, moved to my newly domain . It’s hard to make this move, because it’s been 7 years along with those domain ( starting from free-blog platform, then finally i (and of course some people who help me to maintain the website) settled to using WooCommerce as our store platform.

The other reason is because, i want to make a new service, it’s a “Buying Agent” & “Selling Agent” service, what is that? how is the service look like?

Buying Agent service is A service for all people/customer outside/inside Indonesia, who want to buy something from Indonesia, especially for made-in Indonesia product or vise versa

Selling Agent service A service for all of Indonesian who want to sell their made-in Indonesia product to people all over the world, the service will be including to list their item on international marketplace (ex:eBay or Etsy) & of course my online store @ , and if it sold! i will do the shipment too. All you have to do is just provide us the product information and also anything we need about the product.

that’s all the reason, so if you are looking for shopping, it’s still there.. . more detail about my new service will be in other posting, i will include the link to this post as soon as it’s published.

Ok, See you in the next posting.
Have a nice day,

Yunus Adiputra

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